Characteristics of a Ferromagnetic Grinder

Surface grinder is used to create a very smooth finish on rough surfaces. It is an extensively used abrasive machine which utilizes a spinning diamond wheel equipped with abrasive particles for cutting hard or soft metal chips from any work piece, making a flat face of it smooth or flat. This type of machine uses the principle of self-cleaning mechanism, where the dirt and grit are collected in its rotating disc. As the grit builds up inside the disc, it will rotate very quickly which will in turn remove any traces of the dirt, making the surface of the workpiece totally clean.

Surface Grinder

The most important feature of surface grinders is their capability of providing a fine finish to the surface of the workpiece by grinding away the burrs. They are widely used in abrasive wheel applications such as abrasives, polishing powders, sanding pads, grinders, etc. These types of machine are very efficient, economical and provide quick results. In addition to this, they can be custom made according to the design requirements of the customer.

Power source: Surface grinders are typically powered by one or two or three brushable power sources, either directly from the vehicle’s electrical system or indirectly via a belt-driven electric motor. Most of them run on permanent magnet AC motor that supplies the required voltage. DC surface grinder is another type of abrasive wheel that uses a DC motor to drive the grinding wheel. These types of surface grinder produce quicker and more consistent results but are also more costly than their AC counterparts.

Speed: Surface grinding wheels can operate at different speeds depending on the application needs of the user. Usually, the speed of the grinding wheel is proportional to the size of the workpiece. The bigger the workpiece, the faster the grinding wheel will turn. In addition to this, there are also some types of surface grinder that are capable of providing speedy action. These types of grinders are used when high performance is required.

Continuous Grinding: Another characteristic of a surface grinder is its capability to continue the grinding even if the current source is suddenly cut off. Some of the common types of these grinders are water jet grinders and abrasive wheel types. Water jet grinders are widely used in wet works. These grinders use high pressure jets of water to grind the surface of the workpiece. Generally, abrasive wheel grinders use a rotating wheel to grind the workpiece.

Ferromagnetic chuck: One of the latest technologies used in grinders is the magnetic chuck. It operates by creating an electric field with the help of a magnetic chuck. This creates a magnetic force which brings about the grinding action. The most important benefit of using a magnetic chuck is that it produces almost zero mechanical energy, and thus is highly safe. These are among the most commonly used surface grinder devices around and are used in a wide range of applications.