Laser Cutting CNC Machines – How They Work

Laser cutting CNC machines are the newest generation of this cutting and machining technology. Because they are the newest, they are also the most expensive. However, it is the difference in price that make them such a big deal, and a definite must have for any serious industrial machine shop.

laser cutting cnc machines

First of all, why is laser cutting the new technology in CNC? There are a number of good reasons why. First, it is less wear and tear on the machine parts, second, it offers superior results, and third, it is more effective when you compare them to the traditional way of making a product.

Machine speed has always been an issue with machining, but with laser cutters it is not as large of an issue. This is because laser cutting machines are smaller than their traditional counterparts. Meaning, it is easier to keep the machine running at a higher rate for longer periods of time, meaning that the machine parts will last longer, and so, they will be more effective.

CNC machines also offer great control over how the machine cuts the material to make a product. You can set the CNC cutter up to do anything from simple cuts to intricate ones. Even if you set the machine up to cut a pattern like a diamond, it will be much finer than any traditional machine could ever be.

Since laser cutting CNC machines are cutting with one piece of metal, you can do all the traditional, boring holes all the time, without worrying about when the holes will wear out. The only thing that you would have to worry about is cleaning the machine parts from the resulting dust particles.

The amount of wear and tear on the machine parts, will also be significantly reduced. Because of this, your machine will continue to run longer, and for longer durations of time.

Laser cutting CNC machines, because they are cheaper, also offer better quality for the money that you spend. If you ever doubt this, you will notice that the most well known manufacturers of these machines, like Fuji and Nagasumi, only use them as a part of their total machinery, and are always looking for more advanced methods of cutting and machining. They do not outsource their cutting and machining processes, because it costs too much.

Therefore, you can see that laser cutting CNC machines are a must for any serious industrial machine shop. This is not just because of the economic aspect, but because of the long term effectiveness and the savings. Why spend thousands on a machine that only lasts a few years before you have to buy another one?